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May 26, 2016 Jason Blower

Good Morning!  I am Jason, illustrator and lover of all things charming and whimsical, I am product of the 80s and still love all of it.  Over the last few years I have started to develop more projects that push me further and further away from just making art prints from my paintings.  So have set up Snow Alligator as my new online retail shop!  You might be wondering where the name Snow Alligator comes from, well my father is one of the "Big Fish" (great movie BTW you should totally go watch it) story tellers and always played with our little minds when we were little. For much of my early life I believe he was an alien observer, honestly I still sometimes wonder if he was actually telling the truth.  One of my childhood homes did not have a fenced yard, so in order to keep us with in eye shot he told us of the snow alligators lurking about in the snow, and they might get us if we were not careful.  Ridonculous, right?  But, that was what I grew up with, one of many, many, many stories.  Thanks for visiting, I hope what you see gives you a smile and please buy one of everything so that I can feed myself and dog "Kitty" (I know, I know more silliness).