2018 Top items to Gift

November 20, 2018 Jason Blower

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be looking for a special gift for someone.  I wanted to play a little role of an elf and give you a list of my top selling products at the holidays.  

1. The River Valley Print -  This is by far my most popular print that I sell, it is an easy gift because it kinda represents an over all of Edmonton. Looking down along the cities river valley, with several of our more prominent landmarks. The print comes in standard sizes 11x14" ($35) and 16x20" ($50), and you can also custom order a canvas print as well.

2. The Edmonton Colouring book -   ($10)  A project that I created in 2012 as a way of bringing some of my knowledge about Edmonton as an engaging activity for younger kids.  Not long after the launch of the book the colouring book craze developed and soon adults were also picking up the book to use as a date book, guest book, and child scrap book.  It was really interesting to see how the book was used by all sorts of age groups.

3. University of Alberta - This print has been especially interesting to watch grow in popularity.  It has become a very popular gift to those that are now just graduating from the university, but also for those that have graduated in the past.  The years one spends on campus for education are really informative years as to who you grow to becoming an adult.  So it is no surprise that many people look at this print and remember those fond years of fun and independence. The print comes in standard sizes 11x14" ($35) and 16x20" ($50), and you can also custom order a canvas print as well.

4.  The Grain Elevator Model Kit - ($25) A large component of new projects that I develop is honouring some sort of history.  I remember as a young kid all the controversy around the Grain Elevators and their destruction.  Once so prominent in our landscape, they really left a vacancy when they started disappearing.  I created these as an activity for families where they could talk about their history in rural agriculture towns while building and painting the models. 



5-6. Oilers Rogers Place print and Oilers Coliseum print - These two prints are surprisingly tied for the next top spot.  Many sports fans love these prints as they remind them of their past love of hockey and the future excitement of local hockey.  Many ladies like to purchase these as gifts for the partners, as they are a bit more of an arty gift rather than memorabilia for the walls.  I sometimes think they are secretly buying them for themselves, as well as, for their partners. 

7. Peters' Drive-in - This print was a real surprise,  I have always had an affinity for Peters' growing up, as we would stop there on the way to Banff, or Ski trips. However, I was really unsure of if people would like to hang a print of a Burger Joint in their home.  Well I am really glad I did make it, as it is the most popular of my prints of Calgary! 

8. We're Going Camping - Park Gate - Expanding out of the major Albertan cities, I made a few road trip series prints that describe a bit of a typical trip to outdoor adventures.  The Park Gate print has become the most popular among outdoor enthusiasts, of all these road trip prints. I think because it speaks to the arrival to the National Parks with the Brown and Gold signs, and what adventures awaits. 

9. We're Going Camping - The Pass -  This one too closely follows the Park Gate print.  This print has a lot of appeal as there are several spots along the parks highways where the Mountain Sheep come down to graze along.  So very likely during one of your (or that person on your list's) trips to the Parks have experienced something like this artwork.

10. Edmonton Folkfest - As the festival city there are very few that are as special as the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. The warm summer nights, the energetic music, the hill side view of the city skyline, sometimes northern lights dance in the sky, are all things that so many folks want to live on through out the year. Gifting this print to your favourite folky they will be able to relive those moments every time they look at this on their wall.