Snow Alligator by Jason Blower - Art Prints, Decor, Crafts, & Other Gifts

Snow Alligator is a retailer of charming decor for your home & creative crafts for your little ones. Snow Alligator offers various products from decorative magnets, stickers, postcards, books, games, model kits, pillows, blankets, all the way to art prints and original artwork. If you are looking for something a bit more personal, original commissioned painting are available based on childhood memories, family home, or favorite activity.

Snow Alligator is the retail brand of Illustrator Jason Blower, who pairs a warm Mid-Century Modern aesthetic the sights of our everyday urban surroundings, history, and natural landscapes. Jason’s father was instrumental in teaching him about the history of local places and buildings, and what they meant to the development of local culture and identity. It’s this identity that really inspires Jason to create work of scenes that to their local residents, speak to them about who they are based on where they come from. This can be a neighbourhood, a school, a city, or even a region!

You might be wondering where the name Snow Alligator comes from, well Jason’s father is one of the "Big Fish" story tellers and always played with his children’s little minds when we were little. For much of Jason’s early life he believed his father was an alien observer. Honestly Jason still sometimes wonders if his dad was actually telling the truth :) His childhood home did not have a fenced yard, so in order to keep all the kids within eye shot Jason’s dad told them of the snow alligators lurking about in the snow, and they might snag the children and drag them away if not careful. Ridonculous, right? But, that was what he grew up with, and this is just one of many, many, many stories.

So weather you are looking for some local landmark nostalgia, familiar landscapes, or something crafty for the little ones, Snow Alligator has something to bring a smile to your face or a warm fuzzy feeling in your chest.