Wild Springs: Last Day

Wild Springs: Last Day


Wild Springs: Last Day collects all 12 episodes of Jason Blower's webcomic into one bound collection. The book is 88 pages of comics and sketches, in a 6x7" format. 



Rocky has been in love with Dorine since grade 2, but he has never been able to talk to her or get her attention until today, the last day of school.  It’s his last chance to do something about it this summer he’s off to his grandparents' home in Wild Springs, deep in the national park. Summer breaks are famous for new romances, and he won't be around to woo his true love. 


Along with his pal Arti, Rocky crafts a dramatic plan to impress Dorine so much that she will want to be his girlfriend.   Surely, if this plan works, he will have a great summer, if he can only ensure Dorrine is looking forward to his return!