High Level Bridge - Model Kit - Toy - Snow Alligator by Jason Blower

High Level Bridge - Model Kit


The High Level Bridge has been an iconic part of Edmonton’s landscape since its construction in 1913. The bridge is a major transportation vein for the city, linking the north and south sides of the river. It has the unique distinction of also being the route of the High Level Bridge Streetcar, a historic streetcar, and used to display the historic Great Divide Waterfall, which has since been replaced with the visual spectacle known as Light the Bridge, an impressive display of LED lights that was completely donor funded!  

This recycled cardboard model kit, measuring 7 1/4”L x 9”H x 2 1/4”D, is a perfect display piece.  All pieces are fully customizable, so draw, paint, tape, and glue to create your own mini version of this local monument.